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With the Property trade becoming increasingly popular the need for more 'middlemen' and managing teams is consequently rapidly expanding.


Join Properties, a classic name known to high key investorsare here to offer a competitive and a somewhat 'with an angle' managing service to those busy dealers and investors.


  • Rent Management
  • Property Monitoring  
  • Maintaining ​   

are just some of the services which we offer to landlords & property dealers.


Certain tasks, such as property visits and informal initial assesments, as well as of course Rent Arrangements, can be carried out anywhere in the UK.


We are also highly experienced in investment property sourcing and introducing.

Contact is maintained by our team with seasoned dealers, investors, sellers and buyers up and down the UK. 

Particularly high yielding, BMV 'off markets' are naturally the sought after prey of our metaldetectors. 

Details of such, or the search for such can be forwarded to us and perhaps we can arrange the match. 



Contact us for details and rates.

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